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"A Change is Gonna Come" is the twenty-fourth episode of the series.


Appearing before Angela, Tao reveals a secret that he has long kept hidden. Meanwhile, Carole & Tuesday finally complete their new song titled “Mother”. On New Year’s Eve, artists from all over Mars secretly gather in the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall, the place where Carole & Tuesday first became known to the public. A little while later, the Miraculous 7 Minutes, an event that would go down in Martian history, begins.


Tao visits Angela in the hospital and reveals to her the truth about her birth and their connection with each other. Elsewhere, Spencer and Kyle talk on a bridge about the incriminating evidence they have on Jerry and when to release it. Soon, they're approached by two assailants of Jerry and jump off the bridge to avoid them. That morning, Carole and Tuesday finish their song and inform their landlord of the news. The landlord congratulates Carole's accomplishment and says she can move out whenever. However, Carole declines as she's indebted to him. Later, Schwartz is arrested on the basis of the recently released incriminating evidence on him. In the recording studio with Tobe and Ertegun, Carole and Tuesday are consulted by the two as Gus and Roddy talk about the upcoming event.

At the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall, the duo are anxious about if anyone will attend their performance. Meanwhile, Spencer shows his mother Valerie the incriminating evidence on Jerry. Back to Carole and Tuesday, Gus' ex Marie arrives at the Memorial Hall and soon more people they invited arrive too. Soon enough, Angela also arrives accompanied by her manager Katy. She confesses that once, she just wanted to sing and lost that part of her when she became famous. Before the performance, Gus gives a small pep talk and allows both Tobe and Ertegun to say something as well. Shifting focus to Valerie and Jerry, Valerie fires Jerry and announces that she's dropping out of the presidential race.

Right at the stroke of midnight, Carole and Tuesday, along with everyone who agreed to perform along with them, perform the duo's song. The song is a massive hit.

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