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"All The Young Dudes" is the eighth episode of the series.


The reality TV singing competition Mars’ Brightest is full of eccentric characters. Carole & Tuesday are completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere at the venue. One of the other contestants, Cybelle, introduces herself as one of Tuesday’s fans and behaves in an overly familiar way. Meanwhile, Angela is irritated that her producer Tao hasn’t made an appearance yet. And then, the event begins. Carole & Tuesday are up against OG Bulldog in the second round.


Angela is introduced to her new manager, Katy. Carole and Tuesday went to the main event for the Mars' Brightest in which they also saw Angela which will also participate in the competition.

They went to their respective waiting rooms in which Tuesday met a fan of hers named Cybelle, which turns out to be an obsessive fan.

Finally, the main event for Mars' Brightest began. The contestants and judges are introduced. The week's match-ups have been revealed.

The first match is between the Fire Brothers and Pyotr. The Fire Brothers are the first to perform with the song "Never Die". Next, is Pyotr who sung "Dance Tonight. Pyotr defeated the Fire Brothers and will advance in the semi-finals.

The second match is between OG Bulldog and Carole and Tuesday. OG Bulldog performed "OG Bulldog's Bulldog Anthem". Carole and Tuesday performed "Whispering My Love". Carole and Tuesday defeated OG Bulldog and will be advanced to the semi-finals.

Character in Order of Appearance

  1. Angela Carpenter
  2. Katy Kimura
  3. Dahlia Carpenter
  4. Gus Goldman
  5. Tuesday Simmons
  6. Carole Stanley
  7. Roddy
  8. Mermaid Sisters
  9. Fire Brothers
  10. GGK
  11. OG Bulldog
  12. Pyotr
  13. Cybelle
  14. Catherine
  15. Benito
  16. Shakti