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Angela Carpenter (Japanese: アンジェラ・カーペンター, Anjera Kāpentā) is a famous model and child actress working with Tao to become a singer.


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Full view.

Angela is a petite young girl with tanned skin, and poofy black hair, usually let out but sometimes in a bun. She has purple eyes and short eyelashes. She often wears something fancy yet pleasing to the modern eye, like a strapless red tank top with loose jeans, and heels.


At first, she seems childish and selfish, wanting to become a singer because being a model and actor was "boring," to her. She degrades her managers and talks rudely to them before firing them. Though she does what she does for the people, and her mother wants her to become a singer, so she is, to please her. She wants her mother to finally accept her, and she seems genuinely happy and smiles when people cheer for her debut song.

It is shown that in reality; she cheers Carole and Tuesday on by her seemingly rude and cold behavior towards them. Her behavior is actually hinted to motivate them. Angela was never allowed to have friends growing up, and she was always in isolation. This is why she’s seen to have attitude issues, she doesn’t know how to act around people because she was never taught how to make friends.


Angela has been a child actor from the age of three. She regularly appears in fashion magazines, fashion shows, and TV commercials.[1]



  • She has an A.I. Rabbit named "Aladdin".[1]