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Benito (Japanese: ベニート Benīto) is one of the Mars' Brightest judges.


Benito full view.png
Full view.

He has a black hair and has a beard.


He's far more passionate and expressive than the other Mars' Brightest judges.


Benito was introduced as one of the judges at Mars' Brightest Competition. After the Fire Brothers, he was surprised by their song's energy and youth. After Pyotr performance, Benito found it charming and having a cute smile.

Benito found Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons song to be fresh and together they voted for them over OG Bulldog.

In the final of Angela Carpenter vs Carole Stanley & Tuesday Simmons, as the two girls were late, they had to disqualify them. The girls were fine with that, but still wanted to sing and Benito also wanted to hear them. In the end they agreed to make an exception and allowed them to sing.

After their song, Benito and the crowd couldn't accept the girls being disqualified and as special exception Catherine announced all of them as winners.