"Born to Run" is the second episode of the series.


The runaway Tuesday ends up staying at Carole’s apartment, and the girls begin their life together. That night, Carole mentions that she would like to play the song they created together on a proper piano. The grand piano in the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall comes to mind. Meanwhile, another girl is planning her debut in Alba City—the model Angela. She takes her first step as a singer under the guidance of Tao, the greatest contemporary music producer on Mars.


Carole is seen heading to a place somewhere, later revealed to be her new part-time job. Angela is in the middle of a photoshoot. Meanwhile, Tuesday overslept and decided to clean up the place only to make the place messier than before.

Angela went to meet Tao and asked him to make her the best song. Carole went to a funeral to act as a person crying for the deceased person but failed and end up laughing. Carole went home and found out the mess Tuesday made.

Sitting in the living room, the two started to tell each other their likes. They also decided to resume composing their song, in which Carole stated that she can compose more if she uses a more stable piano.

The next day, Carole and Tuesday went to the Mars Immigration Memorial Hall. Ertegun and Roddy are doing sound checks for Ertegun's upcoming concert. Meanwhile in the Artiece Lab, Tao is doing some vocal cord support scales to Angela. Carole and Tuesday went to the hall and started to continue their song. Roddy unknowingly recorded the two of them singing and uploaded it on the net.

Gus is in a bar again, while trying to sleep, he tried to approach the customers playing the music only to find out that it was a good song. Gus decided to contact Roddy to ask who are the girls in the video. Roddy found out their identities and location.

The next day, Gus and Roddy went to Carole and Tuesday's place. Gus confidently states he will be their manager starting that day.

Character in Order of Appearance

  1. Carole Stanley
  2. Tuesday Simmons
  3. Angela Carpenter
  4. Dahlia Carpenter
  5. Tao
  6. Ertegun
  7. Roddy
  8. Gus Goldman
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