Don’t worry about tomorrow’s dust storm today.

Carole Stanley (Japanese: キャロル Kyaroru) is an outgoing orphaned girl trying to survive in Alba City by working multiple (short-lived) part-time jobs, while pursuing her dream of becoming a musician.


She has a mid-length brown hair that she always put into a ponytail. She is often seen wearing overalls and timberland brown boots. She also wears earrings.


Carole is overall nice, inviting and patient, which largely contributed to her bonding with Tuesday. Carole doesn't seem to have a lot of friends, if any (outside of Tuesday), which is a bit odd considering her bright and outgoing personality.

In Episode 2, she is seen wearing an off shoulder stripe turtleneck, shorts and stockings.


She is first seen at her room waking up late and rushing to her part time job at the fast food chain called "Big Jump Burger". Later on, she was fired from her job due to her actions. Going home, Carole made a stop at a bridge and took out her keyboard set and started to sing, there she met Tuesday.


  • She has an owl pet and alarm clock called Ziggy.
  • She likes the smell of the river.
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