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Carole Stanley (Japanese: キャロル・ステンリー, Kyaroru Sutenrī) is an outgoing orphaned girl trying to survive in Alba City by working multiple (short-lived) part-time jobs, while pursuing her dream of becoming a musician. Her official Instagram is “Carole Stanley official”.


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She has mid-length brown hair that she always put into a ponytail. She is often seen wearing overalls and timberland brown boots. She also wears earrings.

Before bed, she lets her shoulder-length hair down. Her clothing style ranges from casual overalls to a stylish leather jacket and miniskirt.

In Episode 2, she is seen wearing an off-shoulder stripe turtleneck, shorts, and stockings.


Carole is overall nice, inviting and patient, which largely contributed to her bonding with Tuesday. Carole doesn't seem to have a lot of friends, if any (outside of Tuesday), which is a bit odd considering her bright and outgoing personality.

Carole is determined, passionate, and quick-witted. Despite her talent for music, she is unable to hold down a part-time job due to her straightforward way of dealing with antagonistic people and delicate situations.

Due to being orphaned at a young age, Carole is independent and prefers not to rely on anyone. Until she met Tuesday, she felt that no one understood her. In her first song, Tuesday correctly analyzed that she was alone but she wanted to say that she wasn't, hinting at a Stepford Smiler aspect of her. Despite prioritizing responsibility and hardworking, Carole sometimes lets her brazenness get the better of her such as when she deliberately ruined the food of two customers who had been harassing her, which subsequently led to her being fired. Carole has also been hurt in the past, like facing repeated bullying in kindergarten even from the teacher which has made her reluctant and suspicious of people she meets in the present. Her rough life has hardened her into a strong and relentless young woman and she has a big sister instinct for Tuesday.



  • She has an owl pet and alarm clock AI called Ziggy.
  • She likes the smell of the river.
  • She likes Crystal and her favorite song from her is "Everything".