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Crystal (Japanese: クリスタル, Kurisutaru) is the queen of the Mars music scene. She holds the record for the most streaming views on Mars. Her live shows have also received critical acclaim, with her performances during the Mars Bowl halftime show in ‘46 and the Cydonia Festival in ‘48 regarded as some of the best in the history of those events. Recently, she has also been getting involved in social support activities.


Full view.

She has waist length mint hair and red eyes. She wears a revealing white and black clothing.


Crystal showed kindness and compassion towards both Carol and Tuesday, after their first failed concert performance.


At Cydonia Festival, while Skip was heading towards the stage, he met Crystal, both commenting they haven't seen each other in a long time. He told her to listen to his song, as it was Crystal's song. He then headed at the stage and performed the song.

After Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons performed their song, Crystal approached them backstage, congratulating them on their song and insuring them that their voice did reach the people, including her and she hugged them before leaving. A bit later, she came on the stage and performed her song "Unbreakable".