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"Dancing Queen" is the ninth episode of the series.


Carole & Tuesday have made it into the semifinals. The following week, the third and fourth rounds of Mars’ Brightest take place. Awaiting her turn, Cybelle pesters Tuesday with questions about her hairstyle and suggests that they team up. Carole is irritated that Tuesday can’t get rid of her. Cybelle’s opponent in the fourth round is Angela.


Carole Stanley and Tuesday went to Mars' Brightest in order to found out who will they be facing next. At the same time, they met Cybelle and suggested to have a "Cybelle & Tuesday" duo alongside "Carole & Tuesday"

The third match for the Mars' Brightest began between GGK and the Mermaid Sisters. GGK was the first to perform with the song "Milky Way". The Mermaid Sisters perform with the song "Galactic Mermaid". GGK won over the Mermaid Sisters because of their awful lyrics, despite having good harmony.

In the middle of the commercial break, Tao approaches Carole and Tuesday to ask them who write their songs.

The TV show resumed announcing the fourth match between Cybelle and Angela. Cybelle sang in French with the song "La Ballade". Angela perform a song called "Move Mountains".

After losing to Angela, Cybelle approached Tuesday stating that it is okay because they just have to participate next as "Cybelle & Tuesday", but Tuesday refused to state that she cannot manage both at the same time.

Character in Order of Appearance

  1. Tuesday Simmons
  2. Carole Stanley
  3. Gus Goldman
  4. Roddy
  5. Cybelle
  6. GGK
  7. Katy Kimura
  8. Angela Carpenter
  9. Dahlia Carpenter
  10. Tao
  11. Catherine
  12. Benito
  13. Mermaid Sisters
  14. Shakti