Living things need not just nourishment for the body, but for the soul as well. Beautiful things and beautiful expressions. They're vital to the soul. Without them, the soul withers.

Desmond (Japanese: デズモンド Desumondo) is a highly-respected, solitary artist who is known as a living legend.


Desmond full view
Full view.
Even though Desmond is middle-aged, they look quite well preserved. Due to the Mars radiation, their hormones started to change and they display female characteristics. Desmond has short gray hair with purple eyes and usually wears purple lipstick. There is a small light green triangle under their bottom lip that could either be a tattoo or makeup. Their body is very weak due to an illness and thus spends most of their time in a wheelchair.



Desmond invited Carole, Tuesday, Gus and Roddy to their place, and enjoyed their music.

There, they saw them singing. After that, Carole asked them if the rumors about them were true and they denied them, laughing. They then explained they were Nonbinary. Due to the Mars radiation, they display more female characteristics than when they were younger, as they were born male.

Desmond then invited the girls to add their signatures to the collection of people they invited to their home. Desmond mentioned that there was only one person they ever loved, but their beloved died young. Since then, they found themselves unable to sing, and decided to shut themselves from the world to spend their time with plants and AI. But in time, friends who heard their songs started visiting and they found the strength to continue singing.

When an AI tells Desmond it's time for their medication, they refused to take the medicine, insisting it was fine. They then sang another song, but ended up becoming unconscious. The AI then explained that Desmond wanted for them to listen to their last song and didn't take the medicine as its side effects make singing difficult.

They appear in a short scene where their AI asks them to wake up. They then awaken from this slumber to join Carole and Tuesday to sing the final song in episode 24.


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