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Living things need not just nourishment for the body, but for the soul as well. Beautiful things and beautiful expressions. They're vital to the soul. Without them, the soul withers.

Desmond (Japanese: デズモンド Desumondo) is a highly-respected, solitary artist who is known as a living legend.


Desmond full view.png
Full view.

Even though Desmond is middle-aged, they look quite well preserved. Due to the Mars radiation, their hormones started to change and they display female characteristics. Desmond has short gray hair with purple eyes and usually wears purple lipstick. There is a small light green triangle under their bottom lip that could either be a tattoo or makeup. Their body is very weak due to an illness and thus spends most of their time in a wheelchair. They wear a purple coat over white clothing and high heel boots.


Desmond is a calm and gentle person. They found peace in becoming intersex, due to the radiation from Mars.