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"Don’t Stop Believin’" is the twenty-third episode of the series.


After losing her mother and being mentally backed into a corner, Angela collapses on stage at the Mars Grammys. Meanwhile, musicians like Skip, who oppose Presidential Candidate Valerie’s proposed regulations on freedom of speech, are arrested one after another. During a meeting with Gus, Roddy, and Ertegun, Carole & Tuesday suggest inviting musicians from all over Mars and singing together in a show of solidarity. They also want Angela to participate. However...


The cause of Angela's collapse is explained to her former manager Katy in the hospital who rushed to her side when she learned of her condition. Eventually, Dahlia's funeral is held and Carole and Tuesday attend it. They learn from Roddy that Gus couldn't attend it and learn from Katy, Angela's condition. That night, Skip and a couple of his friends are arrested for writing songs that are against the Presidential Candidate Vallerie’s proposed regulations. The following day, Spencer visits his younger sister, Tuesday about how their mother's political consultant Jerry is involved in some nefarious business. During it, the duo learns that Skip has been arrested due to one of his songs is an act of aspersion towards one of Valerie's proposed regulations. Elsewhere, Katy learns about Angela's current condition.

Back to Carole and Tuesday, a meeting is held involving in the new musical restrictions being imposed. The duo proposes a unification with all of Mars artists singing a song about freedom. Although it's noted of the complications of its intrinsic nature, it's still agreed upon. At Valerie's political HQ, Jerry informs Valerie about how her son Spencer is in cahoots with the journalist Kyle. Valerie pays no mind to it, however, she mentions how the timing of a certain incident was helped improve her ratings. Jerry acts ignorantly towards it and notes that without him, she'd just be another candidate. Meanwhile, the designated location where Carole and Tuesday's song will be performed is chosen and the duo are assigned to write a new song for it. Elsewhere, Schwartz sends a swat team to try and ambush Tao at his company, but he's nowhere to be found.

Soon all of Mars' available artists are contacted and recruited to help out with the unification song endeavor. When Gus and Roddy visit the duo, they learn that Carole and Tuesday are in a major slump trying to compose the song for the performance. Giving the two a break from their frustration, Roddy informs them about how Pyotr and Joshua have teamed up and now call themselves "Losers". The duo decides to invite them to the performance as well and one more person as well. That next day, the duo visit Angela in the hospital and offer her to sing with them, but she rejects the offer. Meanwhile, Kyle and Spencer are at an impasse on when to reveal the incriminating evidence against Valerie. Later that night, the duo are still in a slump about the new song. This changes, when Tuesday reveals an unfinished song entitled "Mother", the two start to go with it.

At the hospital where Angela is staying at, Angela has an emotional heart to heart with Katy. Desmond is invited to perform with Carole and Tuesday. Furthermore, Tao completes his upload of all of the incriminating information he hacked from the Intergalactic Mainframe.

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