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Ezekiel (Japanese: エゼキエル Ezekieru) is a young man who emigrated from Earth and is currently active as a rapper. His real name is Amer Souleyman (アメル, Ameru) and is an old friend of Carole Stanley.


Ezekiel full view.png
Full view.

A young man with half-shaved head and purple dreads. He has multiple piercings with 6 earrings, 1 eyebrow ring, and 2 studs under his mouth. He wears a black leather jacket, a white shirt, a brown belt, black pants, yellow and green shoes, and a gold necklace.


Perhaps to preserve his credibility with his friends on the street, Ezekiel acted rude and ignorant towards Carole. The next time he met with her, he was entirely different, acting in a more polite and affable manner.


Ezekiel is seen talking with his friends at the waiting venue for Cydonia Festival. Carole saw and approached him however he ignored her.


Ezekiel's appearance resembles and possibly based off late American Hip-Hop artist, Jahseh Onfroy better known as XXXTentacion, who was good friends with fellow American Hip-Hop artist & vocals behind Ezekiel, Denzel Curry