Fire Brothers (Japanese: ファイヤー兄弟 ) is a 99-year-old twins which makes them the oldest contestants in the history of Mars’ Brightest.


Fire Brothers full view
Full view.

They are two skinny old men in suits and small hats. They are bald on top, but have hair on the sides and have sideburns with long beards, big eyebrows and not many teeth left in their mouths.



The Fire Brothers were in the dressing room at Mars' Brightest Competition when Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons came. They were later introduced on the stage and as their turn came, the host tried asking them some questions, but since their age, they weren't able to hear him and answer. Then they performed their "Never Die" song, surprising the judges with their growls and high pitch voices. While performing the taller one injured his back, and the shorter one burned his hand from the guitars pyro effects.

After their song, Benito was surprised by their song's energy and youth. Catherine told them their performance made her forget their age, but they looked like stuck in the past and haven't evolved, so they decided Pyotr was the winner, eliminating the Fire Brothers.

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