Flora Ferin (Japanese: フローラ Furōra) is a singer who was once the toast of Mars and was discovered by Gus Goldman


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Full view.

Flora is a middle-aged slim woman with short curly crimson hair. In her youth, she wore a white top, lavender pants, and red high-heel shoes. Presently she wears a faded yellow top over a black dress, pink high-heel shoes, and a crucifix necklace.


In her youth, Flora was a charismatic and approachable woman. This changed after leaving her partner Gus for a better contract. From there on out her life spiraled out of control and due to her drug and alcohol addiction, she became extremely somber and resentful.


Flora was born into a poor family and lost her parents when they couldn't afford hospital treatment so she was determined to escape poverty and strike it rich by any means.


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