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I would spend my nights staring idly at the night sky, but then I noticed. If there is no place for me, I just have to make one for myself!

GGK is a contestant of Mars' Brightest who claims to be a vessel through which the universe sings.


GGK full view.png
Full view.

GGK is a young woman, appearing to be roughly around the age of twenty years old. She is quite tall and has a slender body shape with long arms and legs. She has long fingernails and wears a type of square ring on her left hand. Her thin neck leads to her narrow face shape, which gives her a sort of pointed look. She has big lips where purple lipstick is applied and has red circles around her slightly slanted hazel eyes. In the middle of her head is a red circled dot, which she hints at being her "third eye" during Episode 10. She has big gold-colored earrings that she wears, and has tiny pointed eyebrows. She wears her black hair in two springy buns, with three extending braids tied off of each.

During performances she wears what appears to be and electronic costume that shows moving parts of the universe, giving off a mystical feel during her songs.


Because of GGK’s belief that she’s dead and that her songs are from her connection with the universe. She comes off as extremely eccentric.


She appears in Episode 8 and is one of the eight contestants who are picked to perform in Mars' Brightest.

In the first round, she had to face the Mermaid Sisters. As GGK came on the stage, the host asked her what she will sing for them, but GGK said she isn't going to sing, but she is forced to sing as she connects to the universe, as she was dead, but then returning to life again. She also said she was 13,800,000,022 years old, since she was connected to the universe. As no one understood her, they let her sing her song "Milky Way". After the Mermaid Sisters performed their song, Catherine quickly announced that GGK was the winner, even though she didn't had winning qualities, it was just that the Mermaid Sisters had reasons to lose.

In the second round, she was asked by Catherine what led her to her current style of music, she stated that she grew up in a village at a desert and that it was no place for a nonsensical person like her and thus, her soul died there. She was stated that if there is no place for her, she just needs to make one for herself. Thus, she went to Alba City and found herself.

After facing off against Angela Carpenter in the second round by singing "Gravity Bounce", Catherine states that it was a very close match and considers both singers very talented. However, she criticizes GGK for not mixing up her routine and therefore chooses Angela as the winner. Despite this, GGK congratulates and hugs Angela before leaving with Benito commenting that in the other years of the show, she would have been on the finals, making her last appearance in Episode 11.

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