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Höfner (ヘフナー, Hefunā) is a famous organizer who manages events like the Cydonia Festival.


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Full view.

Höfner is an elderly overweight man with mostly bald hair having only a small amount left on top of his head. Höfner wears a white suit and dress shoes, a red tie, and cantaloupe tinted sunglasses.


In Gus’ own words Höfner used to be a “Fun” fellow. Now, he’s a candid no-nonsense individual who puts the prestige of his company first.


Gus Goldman went to see Höfner, but the AI robots weren't letting him in as he didn't have an appointment. He tried rushing in but was instantly caught by the AI. At that moment Höfner showed up, realizing this was Gus, he ordered the AI to release him. Höfner commented that Gus had gained weight, but Gus returned the "compliment" with Höfner going bald. Gus was impressed that Höfner had become the president of the company and they went to speak about business in his office. Gus was trying to convince Höfner to give a stage for the girls, but seeing there were amateurs, he was refusing, as he had responsibilities for the company. Gus told him he was no longer fun and Höfner decided to end their meeting, calling the AI to escort Gus out.

During the concert in Mars Lounge, who Roddy managed to arrange, Beth received a call and asked Gus to come. Höfner was on the phone, looking for a backup and since he couldn't book a big musician as the performance was uncertain, he spoke with Elizabeth for someone.

At the Cydonia Festival, Gus went to speak with Höfner about the girls' pay, but Höfner wanted them to do it for free. Then Joshua arrived but didn't look in good condition to perform. They went to see if the girls will be able to perform, but saw them being very nervous.