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"Immigrant Song" is the twentieth episode of the series.


Following the weather plant terrorist incident, presidential candidate Valerie sees a sharp rise in popularity for her anti-earth immigrant rhetoric. Carole & Tuesday and Angela are nominated for Best New Artist Grammys, and Tao is suddenly taken into custody by the Mars Federal Attorney’s Office after refusing a request from Schwartz. Meanwhile, Carole tries to make contact with the rapper Ezekiel, who she believes is her childhood friend Amel from the orphanage.


Gus has bad and good news for Carole and Tuesday. The good news is that they have been nominated for Mars Grammy Award for Best New Artist and have been invited to perform at the awards ceremony. The bad news is Angela was nominated also and will perform at the awards ceremony.

While traveling on a car, Dahlia seemed to be sick. They arrived at Tao's place and received a message stating that Angela's replica is almost done. Tao was approached by the Federal Attorney's Office.

Meanwhile, [[[Tao]] talks to Schwartz who is confronting him for rejecting Jerry's offer but told Schwartz that his research is not for those purposes.

Carole decided to see Ezekiel. Carole arrived at a skating place and met Ezekiel. Carole asked Ezekiel if something happened to him, Ezekiel confessed that he escaped the refugee camp and can't find a decent job. Ezekiel also confessed his feelings about his thoughts on how refugees are being treated on Mars.

After saying that his new song will explode in everyone's face, he left.

Tao was arrested for conducting illegal trials on humans seven years ago as a neuroscientist.

The next day, Carole and Tuesday decided to composed a new song for their performance at Mars Grammys. Ezekiel released his new song "Crash The Server" online.

Spencer met up with Kyle and revealed that Jerry is involved in the bombing of the weather plant in order to raise Valerie's approval rating.

Ezekiel was arrested for staying illegally in Mars after his immigrant visa expired ten years ago. Angela was ordered by Dahlia to copy the replica' singing for her to improve, however, Angela refused and confessed her true feelings to her mother. Shocked by Angela's statement, Dahlia became angry and fell unconsciously on the floor.

Songs Featured

  1. Beautiful Breakdown (Carole and Tuesday)
  2. Crash The Server (Ezekiel)

Character in Order of Appearance

  1. Carole Stanley
  2. Tuesday Simmons
  3. Gus
  4. Roddy
  5. Angela Carpenter
  6. Dahlia Carpenter
  7. Tao
  8. Schwartz
  9. Jerry
  10. Ezekiel
  11. Kyle
  12. Spencer Simmons