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"It's Too Late" is the twenty-first episode of the series.


With Tao under arrest and her mother Dahlia in a coma, Angela is left feeling alone like never before. The Mars Grammys are to take place on Christmas, Carole’s birthday. Carole & Tuesday rack their brains for the perfect song to complete their album, while Gus runs around trying to organize a special guest to co-perform with them. Carole also goes to see Amer to convey her feelings before he’s deported back to Earth.


A grief-stricken Angela visits her mother in the hospital and is later confronted by the press about her manager's recent arrest. Carole and Tuesday learn of Angela's recent scandal and feel bad for her. Gus on the other hand snaps the two out of their trance and reminds them of their Grammy performance that's coming up. Ultimately it's decided that before the Grammy Awards, they'll complete their first album. Their producer, Tobe helps them create it and he's supercritical about it, mainly about the last song on the album. Instead of finishing the last song, they quit for the day as Carole goes to see Ezekiel for one last time before he's deported. Later, Roddy and Tuesday go on a bit of a shopping trip to find a present for Carole's birthday. Meanwhile, Höfner talks to Gus about negotiating a contract for a certain artist.

Elsewhere, Carole visits Ezekiel in the prison compound where he'll soon be deported back to Earth. The two have a heart to heart with one another and Carole, confesses that she sees Ezekiel as family. In her room, Angela does some digging on her background and finds out that she doesn't have any official birth records.

When Carole returns home from her visit with Ezekiel, she's surprised to see a Christmas tree in the apartment. After learning from her consultant Jerry that she's ahead in the polls. Valerie is visited by her son Spencer who returns to his mother's side. Back to Tuesday who cogitates with Carole, about their last song for their album. The next day, Ertegun reveals to Roddy that he's been invited to be in the Mars Grammys as the presenter of the "Best New Artist". News of Tao's release from prison goes viral and a frustrated Angela is perturbed that he never contacted her since his release. Soon she visits Tao's company in search of him but is instead greeted by an AI of her that taunts her.

Still in a slump trying to compose a final song for their album, Carole and Tuesday watch a video by Ezekiel sung in his prison cell. This inspires the two's final song for their album. Right after recording their last song, Gus surprises the duo with a special guest for their Grammy performance, Crystal. While Angela suffers from psychotic hallucinations, Tao plans to hack into the Intergalactic Mainframe in an attempt to get back at Schwartz.

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