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"Just Like Heaven" is the twenty-second episode of the series.


Crystal has agreed to perform with Carole & Tuesday at the Mars Grammys. Seeing that the girls are unsure of what to sing, she suggests a song that will serve as a ray of light in the darkness. So begins Carole & Tuesday’s uphill battle to create a suitable new number. The Mars Grammys take place on Christmas, Carole’s birthday. On Christmas morning, Angela is at the hospital where Dahlia is being treated. Finally, the show begins...


Carole, Tuesday, Gus and Crystal attend a meeting with the director of the Mars Grammys and her assistant. Once the meeting is over, the group, learn from Roddy back in Carole's apartment, about Tao's release from prison. Also, they learn about Angela's breakdown from her mother's collapse caused her to cancel many of her shows and postpone her first album. Meanwhile, Tao manages to hack into the Intergalactic Mainframe and downloads specific data from it. All while Angela is alone in her apartment surrounded by various medications. Back to Carole and Tuesday who discuss the theme of their song based on "Light & Darkness". The two reflect on their respective artists whose songs raised their spirits when they were down. With this in mind, the two get to work on composing their new song for the Mars Grammys, through many a trial and error.

Time passes and Angela finally meets with the Director and her assistant for the Mars Grammys. Meanwhile, the duo are anxious that they're their latest song proposal was reject again by Crystal. If that were true, they're afraid she'll cancel her plans for doing a joint performance with them at the Mars Grammys. This is proven false as Gus gets in contact with them to inform that via Crystal's Instagram that she loves their song. Shifting over to Jerry, Valerie's political consultant. He learns that someone is snooping around in regards to one of his companies. The person in question is involved with Spencer and he is then put under 24-hour surveillance. At Carole's apartment, Tuesday gives her birthday present and sings her "Happy Birthday".

On the day of the Mars Grammy, Angela visits her Mother in the hospital. Her mother wakes up and confesses to her that she's not her real mother and where she got her from. It's after her confession, she dies. Later at the Mars Grammy awards, Carole and Tuesday attend it with Gus and Roddy. During it, the Mars Grammy Director learns about Dahlia's death from a representative of Angela. With Angela possibly being a no-show to the awards last-minute changes are made to accommodate this unprecedented fact. Soon, Carole, Tuesday, and Crystal perform their song on stage and it's a hit. After that, it's time for the announcement of the best new artist award. The announcer of the award, Ertegun then gives a long-winded speech, Angela arrives and claims she's ready to perform. The winner of the award is then announced and it's Angela who sequentially puts on a performance, but collapses mid-song.

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