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Katy Kimura (Japanese: ケイティ・キムラ Keiti Kimura ) is Angela's new manager.


Katy full view.png
Full view.

She has short red hair which she puts into bun. She also has light freckles. She also wears glasses.


Katy is relatively soft spoken person.


Katy was waiting next to the taxi for Angela Carpenter, as she was her, new manager. Inside the taxi, Angela told her rules to Katy and that she needed to follow them if she wanted to be her manager and Katy accepted them.

While waiting during the performances, Angela asked Katy to find Tao, but she later returned unable to get him, likely because Angela wasn't going to perform that week.

On the day Angela had to perform, Katy brought Angela some soda drinks from her commercial, saying Angela looked cute in the commercial and she wanting to squeeze her. Angela told her she didn't need those, but Tao. Kety explained that Tao wasn't answering or replying to her.

Later Katy saw Tao during the show and informed Dahlia Carpenter, they went to speak with him, but he wanted to see Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons.

Katy was telling Angela about Tuesday's injured arm and together they wondered who could have been. Later Angela heard the culprit was a slim woman and she considered it was Katy and blamed her. Katy was trying to say she believed in her and didn't do it, as she was her number one fan, but Angela wasn't believing it, saying she wasn't her fan if she didn't believe in her, making Katy running away and crying.

She was later in the crowds during Angela's performance in the final and applauded her.