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Kyle (カイル, Kairu) is a journalist covering the presidential elections and a love interest of Tuesday.


Kyle full view.png
Full view.

Kyle is a young man with middle long blond hair, blue eyes, and a partial beard. He wears a blue button-up coat over a red striped shirt, dark blue jeans with a couple of tears on it, and black high strap laced boots.


Kyle takes his job as a journalist seriously. He even puts himself in danger to get the best scoop. He has a sense of justice and doing what one believes in, which is why he wants to take down Tuesday's mother's campaign


Kyle is a journalist. He became obsessed when he read the books of a guy named Capa. He entered the world of journalism without really thinking. Looking back he described this as a reckless action.


Kyle was hired to find something bad for Valerie Simmons and Jerry to be used against them in their political campaign. As part of that, he investigated her children, Spencer Simmons and Tuesday Simmons, but started liking Tuesday's music and became friends with her.


After meeting Kyle for the first time, Tuesday slowly starts falling for him. Even more so after he "saved" her when the weather plant got blown up. Kyle does not seem to notice her feelings for him or just does not acknowledge them. Tuesday sees him kissing a woman, who likely is his girlfriend. After this incident she does not meet up alone with him again.