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Marie (Japanese: マリー Marī) is Gus Goldman ex-wife and a makeup artist. She is currently in love with Anne and will be marrying her.


Marie is a middle-aged woman with blue eyes, shaved head on the sides with purple hair on top.


Even though she is Gus' ex-wife, she doesn't had any bad feelings for him. She knowns him well and still believes in his eye for talent, as she accepted his offer to help the girls.


In a bar Marie came to see Gus, who called her there. She wondered if he wanted them to get back, but Gus asked her to help the girls and do their make up for the music video, and Marie agreed.

Marie later arrived with her bike at Alba Costumes, where Anne worked and kissed her. Anne informed her that the owner allowed them to use the costume and Marie told the girls they will be making the ultimate music video.

On the day of the filming of the music video, Carole Stanley asked her why she married Gus. Marie then showed an old picture of Gus, when he was younger and slimmer, saying even though he was idiot, he had some good points. She asked the girls if they had boyfriends and as they denied, she asked them if they want her to introduce them to some.

Later in a bar, Marie spoke with Gus, mentioning she was thinking of the reason they broke up and even though she blamed him, she didn't mean it. She didn't know who she was during that time, but now she is aware and told Gus she will be re-marrying her girlfriend. As she was about to leave, Gus wished her to be happy with her new marriage.