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Mars' Brightest is an audition show where performance with singing talents compete with each other in an attempt to win and get the chance to sign a contract and debut in the music world.

Judges fro the Mars Brightest 0049 were Catherine & Benito with guest judges Shakti and later Ertegun replacing Shakti.

Mars' Brightest Competition

Mars' Brightest Competition Quarter Finals
Round Match Winner
1 Fire Brothers Pyotr Pyotr
Song: Never Die Song: Dancing Tonight
2 OG Bulldog Carole & Tuesday Carole & Tuesday
Song: OG Bulldog's Bulldog Anthem Song: Whispering My Love
3 GGK Mermaid Sisters GGK
Song: Milky Way Song: Galactic Mermaid
4 Cybelle Angela Angela
Song: La Ballad Song: Move Mountains
Mars' Brightest Competition Semi-Finals
Round Match Winner
1 GGK Angela Angela
Song: Gravity Bounce Song: All I Want
2 Pyotr Carole & Tuesday Carole & Tuesday
Song: Love Yourself Song: Lost My Way
Mars' Brightest Competition Finals
Round Match Winner
1 Carole & Tuesday Angela Angela, Carole & Tuesday
Song: Loneliest Girl Song: Light a Fire