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All I See” is the first song Desmond performs in episode 15: God Only Knows. The song is about looking for a reason to keep going, to keep making music after the man Desmond was in love with died.

After performing this song, Desmond tells Carole & Tuesday the reason he makes music:

Have you ever wondered why people sing? Wanting someone else to hear you sing, perhaps is actually something strange. There is but one person I’ve ever truly loved. He died young and I became unable to sing, you see, all my songs were written for him. I ceased my involvement with the outside world cooped up in here and spent my time with no one but the plants and AI. But every once in a while, friends who’d heard my songs for him gathered here and I found the strength to continue singing. I don’t need to convey this to anyone. It’s enough to have that one person I want to truly convey my feelings to. I don’t care if they don’t reach him. If my feelings are real, I know many people will empathize.


Desmond (Vo. Marker Starling) 「Miserere mei, Deus」 歌詞

[Verse 1: Marker Starling]
Destroy, destroy the darkness in me
Need to hear a song resounding
In Saecula Saeculorum
My lost soul and drifting mind

[Chorus: Marker Starling]
Oh, give me a reason
To keep myself alive
Without your world, I can't go on
So send me an answer
That sweeps across the air
To lift me up from all my despair



Desmond - Miserere mei, deus