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OG Bulldog (Japanese: OGブルドッグ) is a contestant of Mars' Brightest who claims to have been a former gang member and drug dealer.


OG Bulldog full view.png
Full view.

OG Bulldog towers over the other contestants in Mars' Brightest. He is a large, heavy-set man with short red hair, and a messy red beard. His upper arms have tattoos on them in the shape of flames, but they are obscured by the black t-shirt he generally wears. He also wears a golden peace sign on a golden chain around his neck, and two gray earrings in each ear.


OG Bulldog puts on the intimidating persona of a violent former thug during his performance on Mars' Brightest. However, it's revealed to be a facade: he is actually a total momma's boy who cries when he loses.


OG Bulldog was in the dressing room at Mars' Brightest Competition, when Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons. He got approached by Pyotr, but he got scared of OG Bulldog.

Later he was introduced on the stage and would face Carole and Tuesday in the first round. While on the stage, the host explained he was ex-gang member and ex-drug dealer with 12 bullet shots. OG Bulldog then while rapping told everyone that he was there to kill them and that all were fake. He then started performing his song "Bulldog Anthem", surprising everyone for his mix of rap and opera.

He was a contestant of Mars' Brightest. His rival in the second match was Carole and Tuesday. He performed "OG Bulldog's Bulldog Anthem", which is a mix of rap and opera.

In the end, the judges discovered that he had lied about his supposed criminal background: they brought in his grandmother, who revealed he had never been part of a gang, and his only "drug dealing" had happened while he worked at a pharmacy. Thanks in part to these revelations, OG Bulldog was declared the loser of the match, and he burst into tears.