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... And then I suddenly realized what makes you unique is how you differ from others, so like, what's the point of hiding your true self?

Pyotr (Japanese: ピョートル, Pyōtoru) is a social media celebrity who participated in the Mars' Brightest. He later forms a duo group with GGK.


Pyotr full view.png
Full view.

Pyotr has green hair and black eyes. He wears a plum jacket over a white sweater, lavender pants, and white shoes.


Pyotr acts in an effeminate manner and is very self-absorbed.


He is first seen vlogging on the first day of audition of Mars' Brightest, chatting enthusiastically about other contestants. He approached Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons, but was shocked that they didn't knew who he was. Then some people noticed him and he got quickly surrounded by people. He was one of the eight contestants who are picked to perform in the Mars Brightest.

Entering the dressing room at Mars' Brightest Competition, Pyotr was scared by OG Bulldog.

As he came on the scene competing with Fire Brothers, he was asked why he was wanting to become a musician and Pyotr replied he wanted more followers and validation. He then performed his "Dance Tonight" song, impressing with his vocals. After his performance, Benito found him charming and has a cute smile. Catherine told him she was thinking he isn't serious, but his performance convinced her otherwise and announced him as the winner for the round.

In the second round, he faces off Carole and Tuesday. As he was to sing "Love Yourself", with a long speech, he explained that after he revealed his true self, people started liking him and how can you love something if you don't love yourself.

Catherine congratulated Pyotr on his singing and dancing, seeing he was really hard worker, but eventually they chose Carole and Tuesday as winner and Pyotr himself confessed he was also touched by their song.


  • After OG Bulldog, and the Fire Brothers are kicked out, Pyotr remains as the last male contestant in Mars Brightest until Episode 11.