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Schwartz (シュバルツ, Shubarutsu) is a big shot known as the “Hedge Fund King”.


Schwartz full view.png
Full view.

Schwartz is an elderly overweight man with blue eyes and a thin blond mustache and bald hair on the front top part. He wears a dark brown suit, a blue tie, and dark brown dress shoes.


Schwartz has a business centered personality. He sought to control Mars by having Valerie Simmons win the presidential election.


Tao along with Angela Carpenter went to see Schwartz. Seeing him, Schwartz asked if he finally decided to join them, but Tao told him he was there for another reason. Schwartz told him he needed to stop with the music industry and join him and together they will rule the world, but also mentioned to him that he can take his time to think it. Tao asked Schwartz to invest 12 million oolongs in Angela. Schwartz found this unusual as Tao wasn't normally interested in humans. Tao then told Angela to sing and after she sang, Schwartz mentioned this was the most pleasant morning he had. He then agreed to invest in her, because he believed in Tao.