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"Show Me The Way" is the seventh episode of the series.


Carole & Tuesday are delighted at the encouragement they received from their idol Crystal. Gus suggests they enter the reality TV singing competition Mars’ Brightest. Carole & Tuesday participate in the regional preliminaries. Tuesday learns about Carole’s upbringing for the first time through the judge’s questions. Meanwhile, Angela also decides to enter Mars’ Brightest based on Tao’s instructions. Out of 200,000 contestants, only a mere eight teams will make it to the final stage...


Again, they began their meeting about their shortcut to Carole Stanley and Tuesday's debut and suggesting joining a talent show particularly the Mars' Brightest.

Meanwhile, Angela, Dahila, and Tao are in the Artience Lab discussing where should Angela sing. Tao suggested joining the TV singing competition Mars' Brightest. Unlike Carole and Tuesday who needs to go to the local qualifying ground, Angela has been invited to compete in the main event as a special guest.

The auditions for Mars' Brightest began. Carole and Tuesday finished their first qualification round.

The next day, Carole asks Tuesday if something was wrong about her and Tuesday told that she was so self-occupied that she didn't even know Carole at all. Tuesday opens up to Carole confessing that she wants to be like her.

Tuesday then said that she doesn't want to run away anymore and keep on worrying to be on camera. Later on, it was announced that they passed the audition and was selected as one of the eight contestants.

Character in Order of Appearance

  1. Gus Goldman
  2. Roddy
  3. Tuesday Simmons
  4. Carole Stanley
  5. Angela Carpenter
  6. Dahlia Carpenter
  7. Tao
  8. Pyotr