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Skip (Japanese: スキップ) is a talented artist who is well-known by those in the know. While not a household name, he has many fanatical fans and is highly rated by musicians, critics, and music buffs alike.


Skip full view.png
Full view.

Skip seems to be a muscular young man. He has brown spiky hair. He wears banana yellow clothing, brown shoes, a gold necklace, and bracelets.


Despite his intimidating appearance, he’s soft-spoken and humble. He also appreciates humility and notes that many artists have been blinded by greed and loose what original talent they had because of it.

Songs Performed


At Cydonia Festival, Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons entered his caravan trying to hide from Ertegun. Skip went to them and recognized them. After asking them and realizing they made their own song, he congratulated them on their performance and told them they still haven't lost their way as most musicians do due to greed. He then left heading to the stage.

Heading towards the stage, he met Crystal, both commenting they haven't seen each other in a long time. He told her to listen to his song, as it was Crystal's song. He then headed at the stage and performed the song.