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Tobe (Japanese: トビー Tobī) is a legendary producer who created numerous hits in the past.


Tobe full view.png
Full view.

An elderly man with long gray beard and hair originating from Texas. He wears a black trench coat, over a white tank top, dark blue jeans, a belt with a bull on the buckle, and gray shoes. Tobe also typically wears a dark brown cowboy hat.


The rumors of Tobe being rude and making people angry people instantaneously is true. He doesn’t mince words when giving his opinions on music that he hears.


Tobe had retired living in a poor neighborhood, until Carole Stanley and Tuesday Simmons came singing in an attempt to lure him out. Hearing their music, he rushed with his axe, since he was chopping wood, telling them to stop their shitty music. As he spoke with Gus Goldman and they started to like each other, he decided to become Carole and Tuesday producer and took the girls and started helping them do their first album. Due to his personality, he forced Carole and Tuesday redo their song 52 times, until he approved it.