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“Unrequited Love” is Carole & Tuesday’s song that artist Skip (Vo. Thundercat) performs in the Cydonia Festival on episode 6: Life Is A Carnival.

His character reveals that the song is about Crystal, another popular singer. The theme is really melancholic because it’s about not being over someone you love.


Skip (Vo. Thundercat) 「unrequited love」 歌詞

[Verse 1: Thundercat]
Lost in the flames of love
Unrequited love
Time won't always heal
And it eats at my mind
Because you're the one that got away

[Chorus: Thundercat]
I've been searching high and low
Wondering where my feelings go
Nothing feels the same 'cause
There's no one like you, no one like you
And even though you're far away
Even if your time decays
Nothing feels quite the same
You're the one that got away
Unrequited love



Skip - Unrequited Love