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Valerie Simmons (Japanese: ヴァレリー・シモンズ, Varerī Simonzu) is the mother of Tuesday and the governor of Hershell Province.

She is also a 15-year career politician, two-time divorcee and currently single.


Valerie full view.png
Full view.

Valerie is middle-aged slim woman with a short blond hair.


She seems to be very strict and doesn't approve of Tuesday's desire to be a musician.


Valerie was called by Spencer and as she arrived with her private jet, he read the message Tuesday had left, about leaving home and living alone. She wondered what else could Tuesday want, considering she gave her everything. Spencer then mentioned guitar is gone hinting at the reason she may be gone. Valerie then left, telling Spencer to handle with the situation, as she had work to do.

Valerie was seen on TV announcing that she will be running for the presidential elections and explained her vision.

Valerie managed to get Tuesday back and as punishment locked her in her room for a week. She blamed her that running away could have blown up her campaign.